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Expert Residential and Commercial Window Tinting Services in Irvine

SoCal Exotic Wraps offers expert residential and commercial windowing tinting services for Irvine homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on giving you professional services with dedication and integrity every time. We use Project EDGE tint films for all of our commercial and residential projects because it provides high quality results at a more budget-friendly price compared to other name-brand tint films. Our windowing tinting services for your home improves energy efficiency, protects your furniture from sun damage, enhances privacy and style, and overall protects your family from UV rays.

Whereas windowing tinting for commercial spaces also increases energy efficiency and privacy, it specifically controls graffiti damage that may occur on your storefront windows. Windowing tinting is more than just another layer of protection against the sun. SoCal Exotic Wraps professionals are trained and certified to ensure each job is done with precision and finesse.

Top-Rated Car Window Tinting Services

Tinting your car windows dramatically reduces heat and glare, which doesn’t just make your drive more comfortable, but safer as well. With UV protection, car window tinting can prevent things like over-exposure to the sun. It even helps protect your car’s paint while customizing your ride. At SoCal Exotic Wraps, we use two kinds of material: Llumar ATC film and Llumar CTX ceramic.

For superior results, Llumar CTX ceramic provides heat rejection, superior UV rejection, and even enhances your GPS signal, cellular signal, and keyless entry. Our trained professionals are certified to perform the best work in the industry, so you have peace of mind that your car will be taken care of properly. Contact us today and see why we are the top-rated company right here in Irvine.